Standard First Aid


Standard First Aid Course Overview

This blended learning Standard First Aid course covers information needed to respond to a medical emergency which applies to being on the job or at home. Available in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, it is a unique way to master the subject in a very convenient format.  To receive the final Standard First Aid Certification,  a successful completion of both the online theory and in-class skills training and exam must be accomplished.

IMPORTANT: Contact us  prior to purchasing this course to book your in-class training session and determine the classroom location.

Standard First Aid Course Topics

The online portion of this combined learning Standard First Aid/CPR course covers the following topics:

Standard First Aid Course Duration

Total course training time is approximately 13 hours that includes approximately 6.5 hours of online theory in addition to the in-class training session and examination. Keep in mind: Total training time might differ by province.

Standard First Aid Course Assessment

Testing carried out throughout the online part of this combined learning Standard First Aid course. It is created to strengthen the information presented. A mark of 80% must be attained to advance to successive sections of the online elearning portion. In addition, the successful pass grade is required for the in-class assessment which is required to obtain the First Aid certification.

Standard First Aid Course Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the online portion of the course, a Proof of Completion certificate will be readily available for download and printing. This certificate should be presented to the in-class training instructor in order to participate in the skills evaluation and test.

Complete certification is accomplished once the online and in-class portions of the course consisting of the abilities training and written final exam have been effectively finished.

This course has been authorized by both the Alberta and Manitoba governments.