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Recently, Alberta has been the focus of a crisis in emergency medical access for amb1,Jlance services.
Alberta Health Services has decided to centralize and announced its plans
to consolidate ambulance dispatch centres across the province, bringing municipally controlled operations in Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer and the Municipality of Wood Buffalo into the three existing AHS centres.
By doing so, AHS feels that this would save $6million annually to their budget. The municipalities are concerned that the takeover will slow EMS response .and believe that their cities provide much more timely responses. In addition, the change could create are insufficient linkages with local police and fire services.
This consolidated system means fire departments will not automatically be dispatched to an emergency call. Since fire crews are often the first to arrive on the scene, this will delay assistance , given the already enormous strain on the ambulance system.
With the delays in the EMS system, it is even more essential that the public and workplaces in Alberta be prepared when waiting for ambulance, police, fire or other EMS services. Being first aid trained prepares people for emergencies, with the proper skills, first aid supplies and preventative attitude that saves lives.
Preparing for emergencies is the only way to ensure that sudden medical events or injuries will be dealt swiftly and effectively. Heart attacks affect 50% of our population, so knowing what to do can save lives and prevent permanent pain and disability.
Training creates a preventative attitude, which is necessary in developing a healthy and safe lifestyle. First aid and CPR is a common requirement for worksites where hazards abound and risks are endless.
Homes are common places for trips and slips, drowning, suffocation, poisoning and sudden infant death syndrome.

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