Emergency First Aid



To provide a basic first aid knowledge which consists of CPR level A, C or HCP on request and  basic life support skills in a one day training session.

Recommended for

Workers at gas plants and facilities where medics and rescue personnel are already present. Families, dental assistants, and the public are generally interested in this basic program.

Certified by Canadian Red Cross

Certified thru IPSR or Red Cross. 3 year certificate card awarded after successful completion of theory and physical skills plus successful completion of open book exam.  It is recommended that the CPR is redone yearly , but may be done every 3 years under the First Aid umbrella. Emergency First Aid can be recertified in the next 3 years in a shorter time frame, with proof of ticketing.


CPR level A, C or HCP on request, with AED. First aid objectives, EMS, Red Cross History, Medical legal information, Heart Disease signs and symptoms and risk factors, Wound Management and Burns, some Medical conditions, Shock, Primary and Secondary survey.

Time Commitment

6.5 – 8 hours approximately